Help Children In Crisis: Why Donate To A Child Welfare Organization

If you want to make charitable donations, now's the time to add child welfare organizations to your list. Child welfare organizations rely on donations for the services they provide. Without donations, child welfare organizations can't offer as many services. Some of these children have gotten placed in the foster care system. Other children are with a single parent who's escaping an abusive situation. But, child welfare organizations also help children who are homeless. [Read More]

What Kinds Of Trauma Can EMDR Help With?

If you've thought about going to therapy, you may have heard about EMDR. EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, which is a type of therapy that can be used to help people who have experienced trauma. EMDR has been found to be an effective treatment for trauma, but you may not be certain if it's the right option for you. These are some of the types of trauma you can work through with EMDR therapy. [Read More]

Meeting Your Behavioral Health Needs

There are many individuals that will suffer from a range of mental, emotional, and even behavioral health problems. Failing to address these challenges can lead to a person experiencing a significantly lower quality of life than they would otherwise be able to enjoy. Behavioral Health Treatments Are Not Limited To Therapy  There is an assumption that behavioral health treatments will be largely limited to a patient undergoing regular therapy sessions. While therapy sessions can be an important part of meeting their mental health needs, this is not the only treatment option that can be used to help improve a patient's quality of life. [Read More]

Things To Know About Overcoming Drug Addiction

Drug addiction can start in many ways. Some people begin experimenting with drugs for recreational reasons and soon find themselves addicted. Others may take prescription pills, only to find themselves abusing their medication over time. Everyone's addiction story is different, but the road to recovery will likely have similar elements. These are four things to know about drug addiction recovery: 1. Small steps are valid and important. Addiction is a chronic illness. [Read More]