Signs Your Recently Adopted Child May Need A Child Psychologist

If you have adopted a child recently, you and your family are likely overjoyed and ecstatic. And even if your new child is also feeling those things, there may be other issues underneath the surface that need to be addressed. When a child has been in the foster care system, for example, or given up by their biological parents, they may experience trauma and develop mental health issues and difficulties as a result. Get to know some of the signs that your recently adopted child could use the support of a child psychologist. Then, you can be sure to get your new child the best care and help possible for their well-being and adjustment into their new home with you. 

Your Child Seems Withdrawn

When you adopt a child, it is normal for them to be a little shy and unsure in your home at first. However, if they still seem quite withdrawn after several weeks, then you may want to seek out a child psychologist. 

Withdrawal from other people can be a sign of depression. It can also be a symptom of PTSD. Many children who have gone through the process of being put up for adoption, going through foster care, and the like experience emotional and sometimes physical trauma.

A child psychologist can help to determine the underlying reasons for your child's withdrawal from you and your family and can help your new child to deal with their mental health as well as help to build relationships in your family. 

Your Child Does Not Eat Much

If your new child also has issues with eating and does not seem to have an appetite, this too can be a sign of depression. Child psychologists are trained to be able to diagnose children with mental health issues if they have them. They can also treat those disorders through regular counseling sessions. Child psychologists can also make referrals to child psychiatrists if they believe medication could help the situation. 

Your Child Has Frequent Nightmares

Nightmares and night terrors can be the direct result of trauma. It is important to keep in mind that trauma can be many things. It does not necessarily mean your new child was abused before they arrived in your home. It can mean they are traumatized by being given up or losing their parents, by being bounced around to different homes, or by something that happened like witnessing or being in a car accident.

PTSD is common in children in the system, and if your child is having lots of nightmares, PTSD could be the reason. A child psychologist can help determine the root of the nightmares and help your child learn to cope with those issues to reduce and maybe even completely get rid of their frequent nightmares. 

Knowing these signs your newly adopted child may need a child psychologist, you can be sure to get them the help they need at the first sign of any issue.