How PHP Services Can Help You

If you are a person with a mental health condition, whether it is depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or another condition, you may come to a point at some time in your life when you need serious treatment for your condition. When you need such treatment, one of the options available to you may be a partial hospitalization program (PHP). PHP services can have many benefits for you and your mental health needs. Get to know some of the ways that PHP services can help you with your mental health. Then, you can better decide if a PHP is the right option for you going forward. 

PHP Services Can Keep You Out of the Inpatient Hospital

One of the best things about PHP services is that they have the potential to keep you out of an inpatient hospital setting. If your doctor and/or therapist feels you need more intensive care, they may be willing to let you stay at home if you agree to do a PHP. 

PHP services are essentially day programs where you spend 6 to 8 hours a day in treatment. You can go home at night and be with your family or pets or just on your own and can sleep in your own bed. 

This can be quite preferable to going inpatient and gives you more freedom with what you do with yourself outside of the treatment program. 

PHP Services Offer Psychiatric Care

One of the opportunities you will have in a PHP is to work directly with a psychiatrist or a team of psychiatrists to get your medications sorted out and balanced for you. You will meet with a psychiatrist and/or a resident daily to assess how your medications are going, and the doctors can make adjustments accordingly. 

This all means that you will get good medical care while you are going through treatment and that you will get more intensive psychiatric care than you would in most treatment settings. 

PHP Services Offer Various Group Therapies

You will also spend time in group therapies while you are going through a PHP. You will get the opportunity to try cognitive-behavioral therapy and other therapeutic methods like dialectical behavior therapy as well as art and various types of therapy. 

This allows you to develop a set of tools that you can use to cope with your mental health issues and conditions. You will be able to use techniques that speak to you from the different therapies to come up with a personalized plan for yourself after treatment is complete. 

Knowing these ways PHP services can help you, you can be sure that you talk to your providers about trying such a program as soon as possible.