Drug Addiction Recovery Begins With Supervised Detox

Drug addiction is a disease. It takes professional support to overcome an addiction, and this begins with getting help for the detoxification process. While some people try to withdraw on their own, this often leads to a relapse. The symptoms of withdrawal can be overwhelming. When you are at home alone, you don't have the support you need to get through the detoxification process without a high chance of abusing the drugs to relieve symptoms. The first step in any drug addiction recovery program is to physically remove drugs from your system so that you can move on to the emotional and behavioral aspects of drug addiction.

Supervised Detox Is Important

Supervision is important during detoxification because the symptoms you experience can become quickly worse. You might start out feeling anxious or shaky, but these symptoms can become life threatening. When you have made the big decision to withdraw from drugs and detoxify your body, do it the safe way by getting the help you deserve from a supervised detox facility like Evergreen Recovery Centers

Short Term Rehabilitation Programs

Once you are physically free from drugs, it's time to learn about the reasons behind your addiction. You can go to a short term rehabilitation program for a couple of weeks to build a foundation of sobriety. You will attend group sessions and work with a counselor during this time to develop a long term treatment plan to meet your specific goals. While you have removed drugs from your body, you will need to learn how your behaviors can lead you down the path of addiction if you aren't careful.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

If you have a safe home environment and feel ready to return home, you can still get treatment throughout the day. An intensive outpatient program, IOP, allows you to attend programming during the day. You go to group sessions, and you have the support of staff while you are there. Once the day is over, you return home at night. This allows you to integrate back into the community in a methodical way, while still getting intense support during the day.

Drug addiction recovery is a process. Getting through a detoxification successfully is your first big step. As you move through your recovery, you will begin to see how important it is to make connections. Talk with others in treatment, and build up a support network. The people you meet along your journey are going to become a great support to you.