It's Time For A Divorce: 4 Ways That Mediation Can Help You

If you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage – and you're still communicating with each other – you may want to consider mediation to solve your settlement issues. Mediation allows you and your spouse to work together to reach a settlement agreement that's fair for both of you. The list provided below shows you the issues you can avoid by choosing mediation for your divorce.

High Cost of a Court Case

When you choose mediation, you can reduce the cost of your divorce. While you'll still need to pay fees to your attorney and the mediator, you'll avoid the high costs associated with a court case. If you and your spouse agree to everything, and you do foresee any complications, you can reduce your legal costs even further by choosing a collaborative divorce. With collaboration, you and your spouse share one attorney, who works with the mediator to facilitate your divorce.

Stress of a Courtroom

Sitting down with a mediator is much less stressful than standing in front of a judge. During your sessions with the mediator, you and your spouse will be able to relax and think about your divorce and how each particular issue affects you.

Drawn Out Legal Proceedings

It can take months to receive a court date, especially if the courts are backed up in your area. When you choose to handle your divorce through a mediator, you can be done with the entire process in the time that you would have spent waiting for a court date. If you and your spouse have already moved on and would like to get started on a new life as quickly as possible, mediation may be in your best interest.

Public Disclosure

If you and your spouse are well-known in your community, you may not want the public knowing all the details of your divorce. Unfortunately, when your divorce proceeds through the court system, it becomes a matter of public record, which means that anyone can go to court and look at your case file. When you choose to go with a mediator, your entire case remains private. No one will see your divorce records, or the details of your settlement arrangements, unless you choose to let them.

You and your spouse agree that it's time for a divorce. Don't spend money being tied up in a lengthy court case. Sit down and discuss the benefits that mediation may provide you.